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News2day Tuesday: Homegrown Artist Sued by Fast Food Chain

Not only does chicken have nothing to do with kale, but it also has nothing to do with t-shirts. Where is the threat to the sale of a chicken sandwich when a guy with a beard in Vermont hand stencils organic cotton t-shirts in his attic?

Trademark infringement.

"Vermont folk artist Bo Muller-Moore is fighting charges of trademark infringement from the Atlanta-based fast-food chain Chick-fil-A." -NPR

He makes and sells t-shirts that say “Eat More Kale”

Chick-fil-A asserts he is infringing upon their campaign of cows holding signs that say “Eat Mor Chikin”

I’d like to see the beef industry sue Chick-fil-A for losses due to the Eat Mor Chikin campaign. Or even better, cows file a defamation of character suit for how they are portrayed as pooly educated due to the misspelled signs.

Maybe the trademark infringement would be more valid if Bo purposely misspelled his kale slogan, or utilized a sister member of the vegetable kingdom to encourage eating kale as an alternative.

So far, it seems all the lawsuit has done is help promote the Eat More Kale shirts (Bo’s website says he is sold out: ) and make the chicken joint look like a bunch of, well, chickens running around with their heads cut off.

Bo’s operation is the antithesis to the fast food assembly line model. He hand squeegies every single shirt, and he cut the stencil himself. Down with chicken. I love kale.

Edit:  I just got slapped with trademark infringement lawsuits by both Chick-fil-A and the kale guy for posting their slogans on my blog. One day every thought we have will be subject to copyright laws…I’m gonna just start trademarking words…all y’all betta think before you speak!

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